Nurture Your Child's Spark at Oxford Kids!

Imagine a place

Warm and Welcoming: 
Our classrooms feel like a second home, with a cozy atmosphere that puts your child at ease.
Montessori Magic: 
Genuine Montessori materials and a thoughtfully arranged environment spark curiosity and independent learning.
Spacious Freedom: 
Ample room allows each child to explore freely and comfortably, fostering a love for discovery.
Caring Companions: 
Experienced teachers and assistants (Directresses and Aunties) are always there to guide and support your child's journey.
Playful Development: 
Outdoor equipment and activities encourage healthy physical growth and social interaction.

    A Foundation for Success

    Smooth Transition: 
    Our M1, M2, and M3 programs (Play Class, LKG & UKG equivalents) prepare children for success in any English medium school's 1st grade.
    Academic Confidence: 
    By UKG, your child will be mastering math concepts like multiplication and division, handwriting beautifully in multiple languages, reading fluently, and exploring science and social studies through hands-on activities.
    Lifelong Learners: 
    Our program fosters a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom, nurturing a connection with nature and a thirst for knowledge.

    Bonus for Oxford Kids Graduates!

    Our sister schools, The Oxford Schools, offer special admission fee concessions for children transitioning from Oxford Kids.
    At Oxford Kids, we believe in nurturing your child's unique talents and igniting a passion for lifelong learning.
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