'Oxford Kids' has a homely atmosphere and an arranged Montessori environment with all apparatus and learning materials. Conveniently arranged class rooms will give ample chance for all students to work independently, freely and comfortably. Well experienced Directresses and Aunties will always be with them. Outside play equipment and activities are arranged for children’s physical and social development. Teacher student ratio is 1:15

The students of 'Oxford Kids' who complete the M1, M2 & M3 classes (equal to play class, LKG & UKG) will get admission to any English Medium Schools in Ist Grade in any syllabus. They can pass any kind of admission test if given by the schools.

The students completed M3 class (UKG level) can do count up to 9999 and they can divide, multiply the numbers. They will attain good hand writing in English, Malayalam and Hindi. They can read small English sentences and children’s illustrated story books and write sentences. They learn botany, zoology and geography through several Montessori apparatus and activities and do nature observation. The Oxford Schools, Trivandrum and Kollam have agreed to give a concession in admission fee for the children coming from Oxford Kids.

Placement facilities for Teacher Trainees

All the trainees in the previous batches got appointment in famous English Medium Schools even before getting the final certificate. They are working as very successful and creative teachers. Some of them became head of the K.G. Section. So many schools are approaching us for conducting campus selection and recruitment. Hence job is not a problem for Montessori Diploma holders. The trainees working in Gulf area get very good salary, accommodation and other facilities. Recently a school in Ajman came for campus recruitment and selected some of our trainees. Even from other state we get requests for sending trained teachers.

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